2015.07.13 14:55


The story of how

 I wrote the next part:


My first encounter with the little prince was in a song of Hungarian pop singer Zsuzsa Koncz. Then came the book. And then, I listened to the story of the little boy with golden hair as my only comfort on many Christmas Eves, from a tape. 
Unwilling though, but in my short stories the characters of the next chapters appeared: the beggar, the stray dog, the drawing girl and her family – and the writer...
At another lonely Christmas, the framework popped out of my head almost in the matter of seconds and the first chapter was finished on that very evening. And the entire continuation by 18 January. The foreword was left last...

I asked hundreds of test readers to read the manuscript – always on the condition that they should first read the original book. They included a cleaning woman, a television worker, a teacher, a notary, a politician, the leader of a culture house, a mother on maternity leave, a banker and people from many other fields – and, recently, a well-know writer, a musician... Of course, reactions and opinions were different. Besides many praises and high opinions, there were also a few criticisms and dislikes.

But there were even people who did not even respond…

 I leave the evaluation to the reader (besides professionals): the only thing I do is present the facts.